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The GMT-Master and with it many other Rolex series was initially developed for professional use. Thanks to its 24-hour bezel, the GMT-Master can point out a second time zone with an extra hand, making it perfect for use in the cockpit. Its striking design and high functionality makes it popular far beyond the circles of connoisseurs, making them one of Rolex flagship models.

There are rumors that the watch was allegedly inspired by a proposal request issued by the luxury airline Pan American Airlines (PanAm), to which Rolex applied. It does not matter if it's true or not, it is clear that the watch is still closely associated with PanAm today.
When the wristwatch was introduced in 1954, it was primarily geared to the needs of the pilot and on-board crew. While expanding the airline network, these flying personnel flew more and more routes and faced new challenges. Pilots and crew on PanAm flights were equipped with GMT Master, as they could read the time at the point of departure as well as in the destination country at any time on its 24-hour lunette. It is best known for its two-tone bezel in blue-red, which is called "Pepsi bezel” because of the color combination which reminds to the famous soft drink brand. The two different colors mark day and night and are a striking recognition feature of the series.
The "GMT" in the name stands for Greenwich Mean Time, the mean solar time at the Greenwich meridian, which was previously considered world time, before it was replaced in 1972 by the currently used UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Meanwhile, the Rolex GMT-Master has been replaced by the GMT-Master II, so it is only available in a usedcondition or as a vintage model. In addition to the iconic “Pepsi" design, it is also available with a full black bezel or black and red bezel, known as GMT-Master "Coke".

Rolex Pilot's Watch - The GMT-Master II

The original target audience of the Rolex GMT-Master, were pilots and crew personnel of the airline Pan American Airlines. The airline asked Rolex about a timepiece when intercontinental flights became more and more affordable and a watch that allows its employees to simultaneously survey the time at its departure and destination location. Today, the Rolex GMT-Master II is no longer exclusive popular with pilots. Athletes and collectors appreciate the iconic watch as an elegant watch for all situations. The Rolex GMT-Master II has, in addition to a second, minute and hour hand, as its predecessor the Rolex GMT-Master, an additional 24-hour hand, which makes it possible to display two different time zones simultaneously. Also characteristic is the eye-catching 24-hour bezel, which is bicoloured on most models. 


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