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Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the FAQs section, if you can’t find the required info then let one of our in-house experts assist you.

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  • How do I know my Watch is genuine?
    All our watches are inspected and prepared by our highly skilled Watchmakers. Each timepiece is closely inspected who are trained to spot any indication that a watch might be fake, and when the information is available, we will also cross-reference our watches against official brand records.
  • How do I place an order?
    As soon as you have chosen a watch, you can put it in the shopping cart by clicking "add to cart".The items in your shopping cart will be put on hold for you after you have completed the order process. Shortly after submitting your purchase order you will receive a confirmation email stating your individual order number and, if applicable, further information regarding the payment details and information about next steps.
  • What do I find on the product details webpage?
    Product images: here you can view the actual watch from different perspectives. We don't use stock photos. Year, condition and accessories of the watch are listed You will also find further details such as diameter (size), drive, material, bracelet/strap details and dial types
  • Will the bracelet or strap fit my wrist?
    Due to the nature of pre-owned watches, strap and bracelet sizes can vary; however, we endeavour to provide watches with an adequate strap and bracelet length to fit the average wrist size. Upon purchase of your watch in the store, we will request your wrist size to determine if your watch needs adjusting. Additional links can be purchased if necessary.



We pride ourselves in consistently providing 100% Excellent Customer Service through unparalleled expertise and outstanding Watches.

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